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Best Photos Of 2018

   Best of - Photos 2018    Another year draws to a close, and like every year in Alaska, there have been hundreds of fantastic photos along the way - here are my favorites.    Happy New Year all!   January - Glen Alps on my 9:ZERO:7 Tundra.  February - Knik glacier with the Tundra again ;) March - Wolverine Peak with Travis March # 2  - Jamey, my boss and owner of Chain Reaction Cycles Alaska, sitting proud in his new store! March #3 - Ptarmigan peak north face.  The tracks on the right are mine, returning from a rather harrowing climb up the north ridge (left). March #4 - O'Malley ridgeline on an extremely windy day.  Walking on the ridge was like being sandblasted!  April - Experimenting with pano selfies on another windy day.  Homicide and North suicide peaks in the background. April #2 - Windblown snow on the powerline trail. April #3 - Wedge ridge and Ptarmigan peak.  The wedge ridge is super fun wit