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Sunny FRange love - North Suicide North Ridge, Homicide Northwest Ridge

Sunny FRange  love!  10 Miles/6500ft/8.5 hours on foot    Yesterday's sun created a dilemma for me - stay close to Anchorage and link up some peaks, or head further afield and bag a single, large peak.  Well, I've done my share of big peak bushwacking this summer, and I'm getting a bit sick of being soaking wet before even being ON the mountain.  Easy choice.  Front range, here I come!    I parked at Glen Alps, and was on my bike heading toward the Powerline pass by 8AM.  It seems that nature has a cruel sense of humor, 'cause I only made it a few miles before I ran into several bull moose sleeping on the edge of the trail.  Bushwack time!  Goodbye, dry feet!  (they remained moist for the rest of the day).    After passing Ptarmigan Peak and crossing the creek west of Green Lake, I ditched the bike and began hiking up the north ridge/side of Hope Mountain.  This ridge was fairly easygoing, with a few mossy 3rd class cruxes, made more difficult by previous da