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Fatbike Intermission

   To the people out there that watch this blog - you may be wondering 'bout the lull in mountain stoke.  Well, it turns out there actually is night in Alaska, and sometimes a lot of it.  When that happens, it's easier to go for a bike ride than a full mountain day...  Which brings me to the subject of this (filler) post. FATBIKING Me riding at Knik glacier.  The drone that took this photo has an uncanny ability with composition. This is about as fat as they get. Sometimes you can jump them.    Yep.  I even work for a fatbike company (and it shouldn't be hard to figure out which one).  This means I feel a certain obligation to get out there and test what I sell.  It's pretty fun even.  It's so fun, and so ubiquitous in Alaska, that sometimes us crazy locals race 'em.  Which brings me to the next subject.   FATBIKE RACING The local fast guys dragging me around.  Yes, that's me back there.  This is when I realized there woul