Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mt. Rumble - Lettssss get ready to RUMBLEE!!

Mt. Rumble 7530'
22.6 miles/11900 ft/11.5 hours
Descending toward Mt. Rumble.
   This was an absolute WHOPPER of a day - the most elevation gain I've ever done! Weather was nothing short of breathtaking the entire time. I even nailed the route dead on, except for some fumbling around on the rock glacier/Bombardment pass.

   Traveling over Bombardment Pass on the way in, I thought it would be a good idea to get onto the ice/snow right under Korohusk. Well, yes, that would've been a good idea... With spikes! I had nothing, so I went full caveman and used a sharp rock to chop steps for myself.

   It took me just over two hours from the Peter's Creek crossing to the summit of Rumble. The gully was an absolute slog, and the 4th class step out of it would have been far more interesting in wet weather. There's algae on them rocks!

   Coming back over Bombardment was the real test. I was totally worked by the second time I came over! And this time I opted to descend the scree further toward Pleasant instead of chop more steps. Good idea. I now know that most people use a far easier and sneakier way around the rock glacier... Next time!

Morning in Ram Valley.  Rock glacier/Korohusk/Cumulus on the right.

Coming down Bombardment toward Rumble.

Rumble, Bellicose, and Peter's Creek.

Crossing Peter's Creek.

High in the Rumble Gully.




Back over Bombardment.  Look back toward Korohusk.

Me with Korohusk in the background

Fall sunset


Summit 360 Video

Friday, September 7, 2018

Goat Rock Redux - East Ridge Freesolo

Goat Rock Redux - East Ridge Freesolo

   After summiting via the west ridge of Goat Rock this spring, I wanted to check out the east ridge. Brought my rock shoes cause I've never donned rock shoes in the Chugach before, and this seemed like a good place to start! 

   It was mellow, if exposed going until the crux near the top. 5.6ish with big, yet suspect holds, OR 5.7/.8 with much smaller holds and a crack on climbers left. Rock seemed fairly stable throughout, but I was extremely cautious all the same without rope! It was all very Zen and I never felt afraid. Walked off west ridge. 


Goat Rock and West Twin (left) in the morning sun.  Eklutna on the right.

Grassy ridge goodness to Goat!

East Ridge

Cheat sheet.  

Me @ summit.  Trying out the wide angle selfie!



West ridge walkoff route

Beautiful day

Beautiful day

Fiery tundra colors

Fiery tundra colors

Looking back @ Goat and West Twin in the afternoon sun.  A very pleasant day indeed!