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Best Photos of 2019

January Cumulus Mtn (left), with Korohusk peak in the center.  Extremely low snow for a January day! Josh Chelf was all smiles while crushing the bike leg of the TriFlake winter triathlon. Jacob Kirk spent the whole race in plaid - and went on to place third in the individual division! Local running legend Matias Saari - on skis?!   February Tyson Flaharty of Goldstream Sports fresh off his ITI 350 win with a bike still fully loaded with gear.  Interview on my Youtube channel! Beautiful blue ice behind Ptarmigan Peak. James Stull riding in Phoenix, AZ.  We brought Alaska with us - the coldest temps in 125 years! OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ZAC'S FACE?!?!  We were driving back from a trailhead in AZ when we first saw this - and nearly crashed the car from laughing so hard.   March March means the return of the sun, and the death of eastward facing ice climbs.  That same beautiful blue ice from February is being sun rotted, but that's OK because