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Mt. Wickersham Southeast gully/ridge 7/25/19

Mt. Wickersham Southeast gully/valley to south ridge   Class 2+ with glacier travel 25 Miles - 13h 25m ( GPX )     I 'd been scheming about this peak for nearly a year - plotting on Google earth, reading through old Scree articles, and bugging Wayne Todd without mercy, yet I still didn't know quite what to expect.  The obvious route seemed to be the southeast gully, but I could find little beta on it.  No problem!  Sometimes it's more exciting to head into the unknown. Wickersham hiding behind a cloud    The forecast had taken a turn for the better, and so on 7/24 Wednesday night, I found myself sleeping in my Honda Civic in the Matanuska glacier parking lot, true hobo style. Civic lifestyle!  It's not quite van lifestyle, but somebody has to live it!    After a 3am coffee, I made my way out onto the glacier, or at least, I tried to.  Being pretty unfamiliar with the Matanuska, I attempted to get on the ice right away...  Which turned out to be a