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Gunsight Mt. - Glaciers and flowers, flowers everywhere

   It all started with my support bid for the Fireweed 400 (which is a long, LONG race by the way).  My neck was literally on a swivel, looking from one mountain, to the next mountain, and wondering, sometimes aloud, which mountain was which.  The obvious first one I laid name on - Gunsight Mt. near Sheep Lodge.  It turned out to be a very straightforward walk up, although I did manage some unnecessary bushwacking for good measure...    Parking at the Nelchina/Knik/Chickaloon Trail System parking lot, I immediately saw the summit and some 4-wheeler trails to get started.  That looked too easy, so instead, I decided to make my own loop and walk on an abandoned road for a while...  This turned out to be bushwack time!    It became obvious that the abandoned road didn't have any trails coming off it, so nearing the end, I just said "screw it!" and into the bushes I went.  Luckily, this 'shwacking was nowhere near that of Eklutna or Icicle creek, and I was soon ab